My oldest child was born some years ago in Hong Kong.  Two months later, my wife gave me my first good DSLR and the ongoing mission to document our daughter's milestones.  It was part of the stay-at-home dad job description.

With two more children, a fair bit of international travel, countless kids' birthdays and school events, and the many moments that emerge from a growing family, I filled hard drives with photographs and learned what worked along the way.  Then we moved to Arkansas, bought a farm, added cows, chickens, ducks, dogs, and donkeys to our household of kids and cats.  All the while, I've taken pictures.  Pictures of kids.  Pictures of farm life.  Pictures of anything that captures my interest.

Now the kids are less hands on and I've turned the passion into a profession.  Between the weeding and the picking, I take up the camera and pursue the daisies and the dragonflies and the many beautiful moments the seasons offer.  Browse the shop, see what life has been like on the farm or on the road.

And yes, I shoot portraits.  Whether it is a head shot, a student picture, or some toddler time, I'll bring the lights and camera.  You bring the smile.  Together, we'll capture some moments and images that tell the world who you are.  You can come to the farm or I can come to you.